Music Festival Project Pieces


Above Is my Poster for the OB Summer Festival, The size is 11×17.



Musicfestival_finishedbadge_Page_1 Musicfestival_finishedbadge_Page_2

Above is the front and back of my VIP Badge.


Brochure_Page_1 Brochure_Page_2


Finally Above is my brochure.


Music Festival Project

It’s been awhile since I have written on here. I have been working on a campaign for a Music Festival. The whole idea was to create a fake music festival;one of our choice; and along with it to create a poster, brochure, a badge and a package design. The name of my festival is called “The OB Summer Festival.” My festival is based to be held on the beach therefore all of my designs are inspired by Jimmy Buffett (Whom I Love!) and several ska bands. I struggled in the beginning to figure out what I wanted my logo to look like. Finally I figured it out and the rest of the project all fell into place.  I hope you all enjoy the finished pieces and I would love everyones feedback!

Importance of an Infographic

Anyone can create an Infographic,  but not every Infograph is going to be successful.  Not everyone enjoys listening to a powerpoint presentation either.  When watching a presentation, most people including myself, become bored and our minds wander elsewhere. The great thing about an Infograohic is that you can look at it an immediately process what the designer is trying to portray. Therefore, it is important for Infographics to exist. They provide an entertaining and visually appealing experience allowing us to come to our own conclusions rather than being told what is correct or incorrect.

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